My Visit To Seafood Expo North America: SENA 2019

Here are some of my take-aways from my recent visit to Seafood Expo North America, held in Boston, Massachusetts. I only had one day to visit so I covered as much ground as I could among the thousands of vendors. It was also my first time to any big seafood expo and I had such... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Seafood From Canada

Here are some short, but information-packed promotional videos by FisheriesCanada promoting the vast array of sustainable Canadian seafood products. It's not enough to just to say something is sustainable, as a consumer it's in your best interest to learn more about how your dinner was caught or raised. This next video focuses on sustainable aquaculture... Continue Reading →

A Look At Nova Scotia’s Digby Scallops

I can appreciate a good sea scallop, especially raw or almost raw. Scallops, along with other shellfish are often quickly cooked by fishermen "on the muffler" using the heat from the engine exhaust. My dad scalloped when I was young and many of my friends are still working on scallops boats out of various ports... Continue Reading →

What Is Sustainable Seafood?

Have you noticed that a lot of the seafood sold in supermarkets or marketed online has all of a sudden become "sustainable?" Over the last decade it has become a major buzzword along with "gluten-free" and "organic." How can this be? If all this seafood is really sustainably caught or farmed then why are we... Continue Reading →

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