A Gift Of Steamed Clams For Christmas

Last time Shep dropped off some clams to me I covered it here, so I want to steam this batch a little differently. I decided to use up some leftover rose wine and some garlic and onion.

Fried Clam Review: C.K. Pearl

Sometimes you just have to spoil yourself....after some really busy days at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum and a sold out Gloucester History sail aboard Schooner Ardelle, I felt I deserved a treat. It's been months since I last had fried clams and working in the epicenter of "clam row" can be torture as I get... Continue Reading →

Soft-Shell Clams Steamed In Beer

We have an old expression you still hear sometimes in Gloucester. When you know someone who is a cut above the rest, works hard, plays hard, doesn't brag or complain, they are the "finestkind." My friend Shep Means is one such individual. I've never seen the guy without a smile, even after a day digging... Continue Reading →

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