Intershell’s Cape Cod Sea Clam Pie: Seafood Review

Thanks to a recent Instagram post, I learned of a new product by Intershell. The Company invited me to try out this new product that's ready to hit the shelves: Cape Cod Sea Clam Pie. It's hard for me to say no to any type of seafood pie, and I've never tried one made from... Continue Reading →

Soft-Shell Clams Steamed In Beer

We have an old expression you still hear sometimes in Gloucester. When you know someone who is a cut above the rest, works hard, plays hard, doesn't brag or complain, they are the "finestkind." My friend Shep Means is one such individual. I've never seen the guy without a smile, even after a day digging... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Favorite Shellfish

In an earlier post I listed my favorite fish, so now I'm following up with my top 5 favorite Shellfish. Just like for fish, it was really hard to actually rank them. I don't know about you, but when it comes to shellfish, I get cravings for certain species at different times. I ordered them... Continue Reading →

Giving Lobsters As A Gift

This is my favorite time of year to eat lobster. The cold water makes for hard shells filled with meat and usually lots of tomalley and roe in the head. Back when I worked on the family lobster boat and the local wharves this was a great time for seafood lovers. Not only did every... Continue Reading →

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