Wester Ross Scottish Salmon With Maple And Ginger

Wester Ross Scottish Salmon gave me a complimentary fillet of their award-winning fish to try at home.


Gorton’s Fish Sandwich Review

I've been on a fish sandwich kick lately. I recently visited world-famous Woodman's in Essex for a cheap and delicious lunch and shortly after I was in the mood for another fish sandwich. My dad, who you may remember works for Gorton's came to the rescue with a package of one of their newer products:... Continue Reading →

Fish Sandwich Review: Woodman’s Of Essex

Woodman's of Essex is arguably the most famous seafood shack in the country. Claimed to have the "best seafood in America" this is the place where back in 1916 the fried clam was born. It's a no-frills, order-at-the-counter, eat-in-the-rough landmark that people wait in line for all summer long. Needless to say, I don't go... Continue Reading →

Seafood At Disney World

The recent family vacation started off wonderful, but unfortunately ended with my wife, kid and myself infected with strep throat. The heat, crowds and growing bacteria in our bodies tried to crush our spirits but we pushed through and had lots of fun. The Disney experience is more micro-managed by The Mouse than ever in... Continue Reading →

Bomster Scallops Review

Bomster scallops are large, hand-shucked sea scallops that are vacuum-packed and flash frozen on the boat within an hour. Once thawed, these scallops are like you shucked them yourself!

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