St. Peter’s Fiesta: Five Days Of Family, Fun…And Fish!

The 91st St. Peter's Fiesta wrapped up Sunday night here in Gloucester. The intense heat may have kept some of the crowds away but didn't stop us in the local Sicilian-American community from living it up like we've been doing every year since 1927. This annual feast in honor of the patron saint of fishermen... Continue Reading →


MSC Certification For Gloucester’s Fisherman’s Wharf

As reported in the Gloucester Daily Times, the Marine Stewardship Council has just awarded their coveted blue eco-label to a partnership between Atlantic Trawlers Fishing and Gloucester's Fisherman's Wharf. Now haddock, pollock and redfish (ocean perch) caught in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank, and landed at Fisherman's Wharf, will carry MSC certification. I... Continue Reading →

Species Spotlight: Haddock

Haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) occupy a similar range to their cousins in the cod family. They usually prefer deeper water than cod and with smaller, more delicate mouths, are not the voracious eaters that large cod can be. Besides being smaller than cod, haddock are darker in color, with a black lateral line and a distinctive... Continue Reading →

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