Open Blue Cobia: Sear-Roasted With Herb Butter

I met the Open Blue folks in Boston at SENA 2019 and now I finally get a chance to cook their responsibly raised cobia.

Gorton’s Fish Sandwich Review

I've been on a fish sandwich kick lately. I recently visited world-famous Woodman's in Essex for a cheap and delicious lunch and shortly after I was in the mood for another fish sandwich. My dad, who you may remember works for Gorton's came to the rescue with a package of one of their newer products:... Continue Reading →

Gorton’s Haddock Fish Fillets Review

Since 1849, Gloucester Massachusetts has been the home to a company that is today known as Gorton's. At one time they were vertically integrated with their own fleet of fishing schooners, maintenance infrastructure, storage facilities and sales staff - an island unto itself in one of the most storied fishing ports in history. Their fleet... Continue Reading →

Supermarket Sockeye Salmon

I normally don't shop at Market Basket, mostly because it's like shopping a day before the hurricane - every day of the year. I'd rather pay slightly more for the luxury of actually getting through an aisle without someone asking me how my grandmother is doing. It's been even crazier recently because of our big... Continue Reading →

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