Tilapia Farming Is Not All Bad

I don't like tilapia, period. I've only had it twice (that I know of) and was not impressed with how it looks, or tastes. Add in the horror stories of how they are raised on an intensive scale, and that's all I need to choose something else in a restaurant or fish market. However there... Continue Reading →

My Least Favorite Fish

You all know I love fish, and I'm willing to try nearly anything at least once. However nobody likes everything of course, and when it comes to fish there are a few that I'm not too fond of. For various reasons: taste, looks, how it was raised etc...there are some fish I don't like to... Continue Reading →

More Info On Imported Farmed Shrimp

In a recent post I questioned the safety of all the imported shrimp we eat here in the US. The vast majority of which, is farm-raised. Add in all the different labels that mislead you into thinking you are buying something "natural" or "organic" and you have no way of telling what you are really... Continue Reading →

How Safe Is Imported Shrimp?

My good friend, a 93-year-old war hero has not eaten a shrimp since the 1940's. He tells me tales of his days as an officer in the Merchant Marines during and after World War II. Jim remembers the shrimp farms of the Ganges delta and in Southeast Asia, literally swimming in raw sewage. He is... Continue Reading →

Legend Bay Swai Review

Curiosity may have got the better of me this week as I enter uncharted territory. A quick search for swai online reveals a fish that is subject to some strong opinions. What I want to know is: What is it? Does it taste good? Is it as bad as some would have you believe? To... Continue Reading →

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