Whole Foods: Dover Sole With A Side Of Sticker Shock

There are a lot of different fish I've wanted to try, but most of the fish I eat are local or seasonal species. I'm also in a somewhat dire financial situation, which limits my family's seafood purchases mostly to things I know will be eaten. I can't afford expensive failed experiments. But for this blog... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Favorite Shellfish

In an earlier post I listed my favorite fish, so now I'm following up with my top 5 favorite Shellfish. Just like for fish, it was really hard to actually rank them. I don't know about you, but when it comes to shellfish, I get cravings for certain species at different times. I ordered them... Continue Reading →

Gordon Ramsay On Buying Fish

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay introduces us to his fishmonger for tips on what to look for in the fish market. Roger Kent-Barton gives solid advice on choosing fresh fish at the market. There's no doubt he certainly knows his fish as well as a colorful character for a colorful market. I would love to check... Continue Reading →

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