WiseFish is Sending Buying Seafood to SENA 2019!

This post is a thank you to my new friends at Wise, an Icelandic organization specializing in seafood software solutions and creator of WiseFish, a comprehensive ERP software solution for fisheries. It is from their generosity that I will be attending the 2019 Seafood Expo North America in Boston.

SENA 2023 above

Although I cannot report on the Expo or take photos, I’m really going to take advantage of the networking opportunities and the sneak peeks at the latest products, technology…and seafood samples!

There will be some serious note-taking, lots of questions asked, and hopefully some run-ins with some of the people who have helped grow this website. This is an amazing opportunity for Buying Seafood to expand its knowledge base on different species, products, technology and seafood producers, which means more great information I get to pass on to you the readers.

About Wise/WiseFish

For 20 years WiseFish has been a certified Microsoft Dynamics solution for fisheries and aquaculture worldwide. This ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software covers the entire seafood value chain, from harvest to sales. With seafood traceability a major talking point for industry professionals and now consumers, WiseFish can give both sides of the seafood supply chain peace of mind with end-to-end tracking of product. And that is just the tip of the iceberg, WiseFish is the total package and can streamline any seafood producer’s operation with live data alerts and solutions just a mouse-click away.

WiseFish is a product of Wise, part of the AKVA Group of Norway, a world leader in aquaculture solutions. The Company’s solutions are used by small operations all the way up to multinational corporations spanning over 20 nations.

Shout out to Jón Heiðar Pálsson and Andrés Helgi Hallgrímsson of Wise for their generous invitation. I’m looking forward to meeting you both and visiting your booth in Boston. If you happen to attend the Expo, please visit Wise and share your appreciation, they will be at Booth #2067.