Silky Tinned Tuna Belly by Schwarz & Weiss

Not too long ago I had some fun trying out different types of imported tinned seafood – aka conservas. They are a great way to try small bites of a wide variety of high-quality seafood, and with the crazy heat of this summer, dinner is possible without stove or grill. So that’s exactly what I did – tapas night featuring Schwarz & Weiss tinned tuna belly.

It all started with a bit of a happy accident. I was recently contacted by a sales team member of the Schwarz & Weiss Group about purchasing some of their new product. With the name of this site being literally “buying seafood” it can be easy for companies to mistake me for a seafood wholesale business instead of a seafood review blog. However, once I clarified what the site is all about, they offered to send me some complementary samples of their tinned tuna belly in olive oil.

About Schwarz & Weiss Group

Schwarz & Weiss is a new company, founded in 2021 and based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Company is focused on targeting high-end customers by creating a gourmet-level product, with packaging and marketing to match. Schwarz & Weiss plans to expand their product line in the future, but for now they are offering their signature tinned tuna belly, made from yellowfin tuna.

Schwarz & Weiss yellowfin tuna is sustainably sourced from Northern Peru, known for having well-managed fisheries. The Company only focuses on the belly, also known as ventresca or toro, which makes up only 4% of the total fish. This is the most prized part of any tuna, yellowfin or otherwise due to its high fat content. All this fat is loaded with healthy Omega-3, which adds to the Schwarz & Weiss image of a high-class lifestyle paired with healthy living.

tinned tuna ventresca box

The Company ensures high quality goes into everything, not just the tuna belly. They tin the strips of ventresca in Spanish olive oil and use high-end aluminum cans with easy-opening lids. Their commitment to quality and high class was evident to me once I opened the package the Company sent.

The Schwarz & Weiss Packaging

I was impressed with the classy, black textured box Schwarz & Weiss uses for their packaging. It elicited a few “oohs and aahs” when I showed the box to a few friends of mine. Tinned seafood packaging can range from boring to borderline works of art, Schwarz & Weiss however is dressed in a tuxedo and demands to be on the top shelf. Out of the box the unadorned tin was definitely not flimsy and true to their claim, the lid was pretty easy to peel back – I didn’t even spill any oil.

Schwarz & Weiss: The Tinned Tuna Belly

tuna in olive oil

When I pulled back the top of the tin I was met with the pleasant sight of thin strips of yellowfin tuna belly under a shimmering pool of olive oil. Like all preserved ventresca, it was delicate, but could be handled with the light touch of a fork. My first bite was of mild tuna flavor and a silky texture that reminded me of another time I had tinned ventresca. However the difference is the Schwarz & Weiss yellowfin is slightly more firm than my previous experience with albacore (aka bonito del norte). I found the flavors very similar, and depending upon how you use the tuna belly, the yellowfin will hold up more to handling.

I used the Schwarz & Weiss Tuna Belly to make some Spanish inspired tapas. I took the delicate strips of ventresca and a bit of the olive oil to top some crusty bread and herbed tomatoes. They were delicious, with or without the bread and I plan on making variations on this theme in the future.

What Did I Think of Schwarz & Weiss Tuna Belly?

Tuna belly and tomato tapas

This was a very nice treat and I was very pleased with the quality of this tinned ventresca. Having a few tins of Schwarz & Weiss Tuna Belly means you are moments away from all sorts of delicious if not downright decadent, seafood options. If you would like to try this delicious and healthy tuna from Schwarz & Weiss, it is now available over at Amazon.

Thank you to the Schwarz & Weiss Group for sending this complimentary product for review!