Seafood At Disney World

The recent family vacation started off wonderful, but unfortunately ended with my wife, kid and myself infected with strep throat. The heat, crowds and growing bacteria in our bodies tried to crush our spirits but we pushed through and had lots of fun. The Disney experience is more micro-managed by The Mouse than ever in... Continue Reading →

Eating Invasive Species: Snakehead

In yet another example of aquarium fish becoming invasive species, the northern snakehead (Channa argus) has been taking over waterways in the Mid-Atlantic states and possibly beyond. Much like invasive lionfish, snakehead is a fish worth eradicating from our waterways, but tasty enough to do it by human consumption.

Vintage Films Of Commercial Fishing

Let's take a trip back to the "good old days" of iron men and wooden ships. When I was young my heroes (besides Ray Bourque) were the fishermen I knew, especially those of my grandfather and great-grandfather's generations. My late papa, Sammy Demetri used to work those grueling 10 day trips for redfish, having to... Continue Reading →

Eating Invasive Species: Lionfish

Lionfish could possibly be the most dangerous of all marine invasive species and needs to addressed before it's too late. But like green crabs and Asian carp, invasive lionfish may be a problem we can eat our way out of.

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