Cal’s Haddock Sandwich from The Lobster of Gloucester is a Winner

The summer is almost here and I’m hankering for a fried haddock sandwich – one of my favorite sandwiches on Earth. Some sort of fried fish sandwich is pretty universal among seafood restaurants, but have you seen the prices lately? In the last few years a decent fried haddock sandwich has gone from $12-15 to $20 and above. I have a dream to sample as many fried fish sandwiches I can, but I just can’t afford it.

The saying is “Good seafood isn’t cheap, and cheap seafood isn’t good” does hold some truth. But when you can source your seafood right from the boats, you can shave off a couple of bucks without sacrificing quality. That is what you get when you visit a new favorite restaurant on our waterfront: The Lobster of Gloucester.

About The Lobster

Fried Scallops the Lobster of Gloucester
I got these perfectly fried scallops on my first visit

The Lobster is owned, operated and supplied by Cape Ann Lobstermen, whose wharf is right next door. Your seafood traveled about 200 feet to get from dock to dish. If you go during the day, you can also buy great fresh lobster and seafood to bring home. I have been to The Lobster twice and love both the food and slightly lower prices than the competition.

We locals also get a kick out of the location, which, back in the day was the home of Bob’s Clam Shack. Pleasing tourists can be a lot easier than pleasing us picky locals. The Lobster has quickly become a favorite among us townies, sometimes it’s hard to get a table and you always end up running into friends and relatives.

Cal’s Haddock Sandwich

Cal's Fried Haddock Sandwich

I don’t know Cal, but he makes a pretty tasty fried fish sandwich. It’s not the biggest sangwich in town, but has got to be one of the freshest tasting I’ve had. The haddock was fried in a light and crispy beer batter that I really liked. It showcased just how fresh the fish was. I don’t think you can get away with such a light batter if your haddock isn’t this fresh.

From a marketing perspective, I bet tourists love how the fish is way bigger than the toasted, yet still soft potato roll. I ended up breaking off the long pieces to dip in the tangy mix of tarter sauce and apple fennel slaw that was oozing out of the bun. A little messy, but good sandwiches usually are. Overall it was a very tasty fried haddock sandwich with fries for a reasonable $18.

Good job The Lobster, and good job Cal. Not that I needed another reason to go back, but good to know I can recommend your haddock sandwich along with everything else I’ve tried so far.

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