Gorton’s Pub Style Beer Batter Cod For The Win

It has been a while since I reviewed a frozen seafood product from my hometown’s most famous brand. I decided it was time, once again, to see what the Gorton’s Fisherman has in store for me. This time it is their Pub Style Beer Battered Cod and I have to admit that first impressions were good.

The Gorton’s Packaging

The Pub Style Beer Batter Cod uses a nicer packaging for these premium fillets compared to the typical yellow box or bag. What I like immediately is that the packaging allows you to see the product, you can even slide the shrink-wrapped fish out of the cardboard sleeve to get a close look. When it was time to open it up, I also realized that they didn’t use some flimsy cellophane to seal the fish, it was heavy-duty shrink wrap.

Gorton's packaging

The back of the box has some information on the quality of their wild-caught cod. Gorton’s has gone to great lengths recently to ensure the public of the quality of their fish, which is all wild-caught and sustainably harvested. This wasn’t a change to the company’s methods, it was just the added cost of getting an official stamp of approval.

According to some friends that work in the plant, the batter coating is made with a well-known beer that many of us drink. However, I can’t list it due to trade secrets. The listing of the ingredients also shows no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

The Product

I’ve been curious about these fillets for a while, they look really good out of the box. They were a good size, two fillets taking up a sizeable portion of the baking sheet. They are not thick, but they are broad, especially compared to some other products on this tier.

How to Prepare

Just followed the package instructions for oven cooking: 425F for 30-35 minutes, flipping at 20.  At the suggestion of the box, I did not use foil and used parchment paper instead. During the cooking process the fish gave off a not-too-strong aroma of battered fish. At flipping time, I noticed that there was some liquid on the parchment, but the fish itself was crispy and did not stick. However, I know that if I used foil, it would have probably been stuck and maybe even a little mushy – definitely use the parchment.

baked battered cod Gorton's

Although the package said it was two servings, I ate both of course. I served the fish with some arugula and cheddar mashed potatoes I picked up at a local supermarket. To go with my usual squeeze of lemon, I jazzed up some mayo with a bit of tarragon, savory and a little diced dill pickle to make a quick tartar sauce.

The Verdict

I’d have to say overall, they are not bad. They came out crunchy, the batter is flavorful, and the cod is flaky and tasty. If you are only familiar with Gorton’s fish sticks, which use Alaskan pollock, these are better. If I had two big rolls, these fillets easily become a fish sandwich dinner for two. Or accompanied by a big pile of golden French fries for a quick weeknight fish and chips.

Gorton's cod dinner

Now, keep in mind that it’s not like having real beer battered fish at your favorite pub, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having a few of these in the freezer. A couple of steps up from fish sticks, but just as convenient. In my opinion, the Gorton’s Pub Style Beer Batter Cod is a winner.