Sustainable Seafood From Canada

Here are some short, but information-packed promotional videos by FisheriesCanada promoting the vast array of sustainable Canadian seafood products. It's not enough to just to say something is sustainable, as a consumer it's in your best interest to learn more about how your dinner was caught or raised. This next video focuses on sustainable aquaculture … Continue reading Sustainable Seafood From Canada

Documentary “Counting Fish” Sheds Light On Fishermen/NOAA Rift

Recently the Discovery Channel showed "Sacred Cod" which looked into the divide that separates Fishermen and NOAA's fishery scientists here in New England. Fishermen have said for years that the methods used in the trawl surveys are flawed and that cod is much more abundant in the Gulf of Maine than scientists claim. The extremely … Continue reading Documentary “Counting Fish” Sheds Light On Fishermen/NOAA Rift