Bomster Scallops Review

Bomster scallops are large, hand-shucked sea scallops that are vacuum-packed and flash frozen on the boat within an hour. Once thawed, these scallops are like you shucked them yourself!

Australis Barramundi: The New Review

A while back I wrote a review of Australis brand barramundi in which, although disappointed, I held out hope to give the company another chance. Well that chance has finally come thanks to Julie Qiu, Marketing Director for Australis. After she read my blog post she noticed that I did not get the best example... Continue Reading →

Seafood Review: LoveTheWild Sustainable Fish Entrees

Recently I read a few articles online about a seafood company that has been backed by Leonardo DiCaprio called LoveTheWild. The Actor/Activist/Smooth Customer is dedicated to the health of our oceans and is a big supporter of sustainable and responsible aquaculture. Although I am a supporter of wild-caught fish and traditional fishing communities, I do... Continue Reading →

Soft-Shell Clams Steamed In Beer

We have an old expression you still hear sometimes in Gloucester. When you know someone who is a cut above the rest, works hard, plays hard, doesn't brag or complain, they are the "finestkind." My friend Shep Means is one such individual. I've never seen the guy without a smile, even after a day digging... Continue Reading →

Traditional Seafood Recipes: Fish And Brewis

Back in the days of sail, when Gloucester was the greatest fishing port in the Western Hemisphere, much of the famous schooner fleet was made up of "white-washed yankees." Men from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland who became US citizens in order to prosper doing what they did back home: catch fish. Those days are gone... Continue Reading →

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