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Buying Seafood is committed to providing information for consumers looking for the best seafood. We provide species information, suggestions, recipes, product reviews and much more.

Buyingseafood.com was created to help you make informed decisions on your seafood choices. However we go beyond just information on buying seafood, the mission is to also get you, the consumer, more connected to what you are eating. Knowing more about your seafood from biological and historical contexts, as well as learning more about those who catch or raise your seafood will help you better understand how fish gets from the water to your dinner plate.

unloading fish
My grandfather unloading the catch. My great-grandfather at the winch.

I grew up in the fishing industry and with it, a luxury of the freshest seafood whenever I wanted. Today, I have to source my seafood much the same way as everyone else, the days of free fish are gone. But how do you know what to buy? Is it fresh? Is it local? Is it wild-caught or farm-raised? And once you find a reliable supplier what do you know about a particular fish? Is it a white-fleshed or oily fish? Is it high in Omega-3’s? Is it actually worth eating?

These questions surrounding seafood purchases are not new, however they take on more importance in a world where demand for seafood has brought us everything from antibiotics in farm-raised fish to downright fish fraud at the fish counter. By educating the consumer, we all do our part in keeping the seafood supply chain honest and sustainable.

Buying Seafood is a project of Justin Demetri, historian and author of From Head To Tale: Historic Seafood Recipes Through The Ages
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