Gorton’s Fish Sandwich Review

Gorton's Fish Sandwich

I’ve been on a fish sandwich kick lately. I recently visited world-famous Woodman’s in Essex for a cheap and delicious lunch and shortly after I was in the mood for another fish sandwich. My dad, who you may remember works for Gorton’s came to the rescue with a package of one of their newer products: Gorton’s Fish Sandwich patties. I had a good experience with my first review of a Gorton’s product – the Company noticed as well, linking my post to their website.

The Packaging


There is no mistaking that bright yellow package, this time in the form of a resealable plastic bag, which is very convenient. This allows you to grab a patty or two instead of making all 8 fish patties before they get freezer burned.

The back of the package has a large piece dedicated to telling consumers that not only is this a great-tasting quick meal, it is also made with high quality, wild-caught, sustainable fish.

The front of the package claims that it only takes 8 minutes to prepare, but on the back you notice that is for the microwave. Fish in a microwave always sounds like a bad idea to me, so I opted for the “traditional” cooking directions for the oven. I like my fish sandwiches with some crunch, I fear the microwave would make them mushy, as well as the look from my family when they come home to the smell of fish in the microwave.

The Product


Out of the package the patties look like your typical breaded fish patty, not much different than many of Gorton’s products. Inside the breading is Alaskan pollock, which is what Gorton’s uses for most of its fish stick line as well as the iconic McDonald’s Filet O’ Fish. Pollock is not my favorite fish, but Alaskan pollock is milder and whiter than our local pollock. It’s not cod or haddock but when done in the right ratio to breading, it can be tasty. One thing you can count on is that like all Gorton’s products, these patties are of the highest quality. My only criticism out of the package is that the patties are a little small.

The Recipe

Just like the Gorton’s haddock fillets, I just followed the traditional instructions. Because I felt the patties were small, I decided to make two of them. They cooked at 425F on a baking sheet and I flipped them after 10 minutes. They were done in about 19 minutes. What I did  then was to turn off the oven and place a slice a cheese on my two patties and let them melt in the still-hot oven.

Gorton's Fish Sandwich with Cheese

I was hungry so I split a bulkie roll, slathered it in dijonaise, and made myself a double with the two patties stacked along with some lettuce and tomato. First impression: That’s a good looking fish sandwich!

The Verdict

I like these fish sandwich patties as much or maybe even a little more than the haddock fillets I reviewed previously. Although I like thick solid haddock much better than Alaskan pollock, the breading to fish ratio on this product is perfect: just enough fish flavor to go with a nice crunch. This was a pleasant surprise for me because I expected it to taste like a big, square fish stick. It was much better than I expected and would certainly recommend for a cheap, tasty, and versatile frozen seafood option. In fact, I liked this product so much that I made myself another fish sandwich two days later. Nothing left to say but: Good job Gorton’s Fisherman!




  1. I LOVE these fish sandwich filets–yes a little small, but they’re high quality and almost as good as a fish sandwich in a restaurant. FYI, I eat these on slider buns, which makes them seem an extra-big sandwich.

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