Cyber Monday: From Head To Tale On Kindle For 99 Cents!

You know what would go well with that new Kindle you bought your favorite foodie? A copy of my eBook: From Head To Tale: Historic Seafood Recipes Through The Ages. Starting Sunday November 26th and running through December 2nd, get 400 years of seafood recipes for 99 cents.

While I’m at it, I’ll mention that the digital version of all my other books are now 99 cents as well. Just a shameless plug to help keep funding this blog. If things work out, I really want to review the various online seafood retailers…but it ain’t cheap having fish shipped from across the country. So spread the word about this work on seafood history and if you like it, please think of leaving a review on Amazon.



    • Hi Larry, thanks for the kind words. I think the price is supposed to switch over sometime tomorrow. I noticed it’s still on the regular price this evening for USA too. I’ll take a look tomorrow night after work and see if it is the correct price.


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