Best Selling Seafood From Amazon

It feels like it’s only a matter of time before we buy everything online, maybe even our groceries. Now that Amazon has taken over Whole Foods it seems that the day is getting closer. One benefit to the takeover is that Whole Foods has slashed some of their seafood prices, which begs the question of how they could justify their pre-merger prices…it’s not like they were some Mom & Pop convenience store. Anyway, I think it may be time to take another trip over there to see what they have that I can afford. It’s been a while since my one and only trip for Pacific dover sole.

For those that don’t have a Whole Foods nearby, check out the seafood offerings on Amazon. They have a surprisingly large selection of canned, frozen and even fresh seafood from vendors all over the world. So far I have only bought some canned products, like canned clams and some generic smoked salmon. But one of these days, when I can afford it, I plan on buying some fresh or frozen fish so I can share my experience with all of you. Since shipping is usually a large portion of the total cost, Amazon Prime members can use their free shipping to get the most bang for their buck buying fish and shellfish on Amazon.

Here is a look at some of the best sellers from Amazon’s seafood department that caught my eye recently. There are plenty of more mundane top sellers, but I thought these unique items are worth sharing since they are not items I usually see in my local supermarket.

If you are looking for high quality canned tuna, but are concerned about mercury content, then take a look at this offer. Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna, tests every fish for mercury levels and offers canned tuna with up to 10 times less mercury than FDA standards.

Want the classic taste of the Mediterranean? Try some of this excellent looking bottarga by Esmeralda. This is dried mullet roe at its finest, and grated over your favorite dishes will lend a flavor that can’t be matched. Esmeralda uses wild-caught gray mullet for their bottarga, which is naturally rich in omega-3s.


There are plenty of sardine brands sold on Amazon, but I find the products from Bar Harbor Brand to be of high quality. These wild-caught sardines are from the Gulf of Maine and hand sorted and packed in Canada. The sardines are smoked using real wood instead of “natural smoke flavor” like other brands. Bar Harbor brand is carried in my area but I don’t recall seeing these smoked sardines at the supermarket.

Check out the vibrant colors of this Flying Fish Roe. If you make your own sushi, or want to take your canapes to the next level, the fresh “pop” of fish roe can make all the difference. This tobiko is very affordable at $20, but shipping more than doubles the price. That is…unless you’re a Prime member.



  1. I have mixed feelings on this post…..does Amazon create a risk to local small businesses? And the other thing I have heard repeatedly is that Amazon is very weak in vetting their suppliers/resellers – so you can’t always trust their claims about a product, especially since you can’t see it, touch it, smell it ahead of time.

    I love what you pointed out about whole foods fish prices.

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    • You make valid points. I noticed that some of the seafood is sold by legit seafood companies, others I cannot say. Would love to hear from anyone that has ordered frozen seafood from Amazon. If this blog takes off and starts paying for itself, I’m going to order something and see how it goes. Thanks for reading!

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