Sustainable Seafood From Canada

Here are some short, but information-packed promotional videos by FisheriesCanada promoting the vast array of sustainable Canadian seafood products. It’s not enough to just to say something is sustainable, as a consumer it’s in your best interest to learn more about how your dinner was caught or raised.

This next video focuses on sustainable aquaculture efforts in British Columbia. Although my personal opinion is Atlantic salmon should not be farmed in Pacific waters. In some areas escaped Atlantic salmon are now becoming an invasive species, which threatens the wild Pacific salmon populations.

Here is an older, but still relevant video about Canada’s well-managed bluefin tuna fishery.

Of course, promotional videos are just that, promotions. But it is a step in the right direction when it comes to learning more about where your seafood comes from. The best way to fight seafood fraud and questionable aquaculture practices is to educate the consumer. If we know more about what we are eating, where it came from and from whom, there is less room in the market for mislabeled fish or polluted imports to slip through the cracks and into our kitchens.



  1. thank you for your interest. Today in the Maritimes there was news about sea urchins and how the stock has collapsed in Maine. Asia is a big buyer and a big problem. Some are suggesting that urchin farming could be a solution.

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