Dogfish To Be Featured At University Dining Halls

Spiny dogfish is just one of many domestic fish that we know as "underutilized species." Most of it heads to Europe, while Americans import most of the fish they eat. According to the Cape Cod Chronicle, a new project will help change that by utilizing dogfish in University dining programs.

How Safe Is Imported Shrimp?

My good friend, a 93-year-old war hero has not eaten a shrimp since the 1940's. He tells me tales of his days as an officer in the Merchant Marines during and after World War II. Jim remembers the shrimp farms of the Ganges delta and in Southeast Asia, literally swimming in raw sewage. He is... Continue Reading →

Supermarket Sockeye Salmon

I normally don't shop at Market Basket, mostly because it's like shopping a day before the hurricane - every day of the year. I'd rather pay slightly more for the luxury of actually getting through an aisle without someone asking me how my grandmother is doing. It's been even crazier recently because of our big... Continue Reading →

What Is Sustainable Seafood?

Have you noticed that a lot of the seafood sold in supermarkets or marketed online has all of a sudden become "sustainable?" Over the last decade it has become a major buzzword along with "gluten-free" and "organic." How can this be? If all this seafood is really sustainably caught or farmed then why are we... Continue Reading →

Species Spotlight: Monkfish

Monkfish (Lophius americanus), also known as goosefish is a type of anglerfish that is common in the Western North Atlantic. As an anglerfish, they hide in the mud or sand and catch prey with the use of a specialized “lure” on its head. They are caught year-round along the U.S. Eastern seaboard but landings increase... Continue Reading →

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