Rant: Stealing My Cookbook

I’ve been a little disappointed with the early sales for my cookbook: From Head To Tale. But that is nothing to the rage I feel after learning someone has posted a YouTube video of a supposed “free” audiobook of it. This is not the first time my work has been stolen online, I’ve submitted quite a few DMCA complaints, especially to protect my work over at LifeinItaly.com. This time, someone created a video and used a computerized voice to read my back cover, along with a link to the “free” audiobook. Apparently someone named Jarod has been busy this week, as he did this trick to dozens of other cookbooks from what I can tell. I’m also nearly 100% sure this guy didn’t buy the book at all, so how can there be an audiobook? Is it copyright infringement or just a stupid scam? I can’t tell.

I’m not linking  to any of it since right now most of his videos have 0 views. With luck YouTube/Google will take my complaint seriously and have this account removed in short order.

Update: Thanks to YouTube for removing the video. I hope they took down the other videos he loaded.



  1. My niece is a professional writer and has written a cookbook. She explained to me that you are within your rights to contact this person and inform him to stop the video or pay a fine of $500.00. Perhaps you have a friend/lawyer you can check with?

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  2. This is upsetting. It should not be difficult to establish your rights (ie, evidences), but I hope the legal/formal procedures won’t be complicated and time-consuming. I hope you’ll be able to write about it in the end–so we can be knowledgeable on how to deal with such a situation should it happen to any of us. ‘Wishing you triumph on this.

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    • Thank you and everyone else for your support. The more I investigate the more obvious it is that this is a scam. There is no audiobook, it leads to a spammy looking website that wants you to sign up. Besides, although I’m proud of my book, I doubt it would make a good audiobook – the early recipes are mostly still in Middle English, easier to read than to listen.


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