Tunagate: Bumble Bee Exec May Do Time

The latest update in the canned tuna price-fixing scandal is the former senior VP of sales for Bumble Bee Tuna may face a short prison term. Due to his integral part in the fixing of prices of canned tuna, Walter Scott Cameron could face up to 16 months in jail, along with a $25,000 fine. The punishment could have been higher, but due to Cameron’s cooperation, a lower sentence was recommended, but part of this plea-deal includes Cameron’s continued assistance. He will continue to submit himself to investigation, even testify against his partners in what seems like the tuna-fish version of a mob movie. What I want to know is: Who is going to play him when Hollywood turns Tunagate into a summer blockbuster?

I know writing about canned tuna isn’t a very hot topic, but for some people canned seafood is all they can get or afford. I like canned tuna, there is always at least one can in my cupboard for a quick lunch. But over the years the price has gone up and cans have gotten smaller. That has been true for many supermarket staples lately, but then to have “big tuna” skim even more off the top is disgusting. This hits harder when  you’re not bringing in much money and your grocery money is getting you even less than you thought.



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