New Seafood Cookbook: From Head To Tale, Available On Amazon

Before I started this blog, I had a larger project that had consumed me for over a year. Finally, my historic seafood cookbook is finished and available on Amazon! It is called From Head To Tale: Historic Seafood Recipes Through The Ages
and at over 300 pages, is by far, the biggest work in my fledgling writing career.

My background is in cultural anthropology and maritime history and for the last year and a half I have worked on this book that combines my interests. I have compiled over 400 historic seafood recipes into a cookbook that gives a glimpse into how Western civilization has prepared fish and shellfish over a 500-year period. Here is a bit from the back cover:

From Head to Tale explores five centuries of Western seafood history through recipes compiled from European and North American cookbooks. Learn which species of fish and shellfish have remained popular through the centuries. See how ingredients, cooking methods and even recipe formats evolved over time. From timeless classics to forgotten Medieval dishes, From Head to Tale will reveal of trove any seafood lover will enjoy.

After searching through dozens and dozens of historic cookbooks, I compiled the recipes based upon the most popular fish found throughout the centuries and then listed them chronologically. Each chapter begins with information on the species, a brief history of its use and alternative species that can be used in the recipes. I have also included many vintage seafood advertisements and artwork scattered throughout the book. My hope is that From Head To Tale can be used not only as a seafood cookbook, but also as a work on food history.

Another hope is that any proceeds from the cookbook can be used to buy seafood from various sources to attempt some of these recipes. For example, I would like to buy some fish online so I can inform my readers about the experience. And what better way to prepare it than a recipe from 17th century England?

From Head To Tale, in paperback is available on Amazon for $19.99. The Kindle version is $5.99. If you like it, feel free to leave a comment below or, even better, a review on Amazon!



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