Giving Lobsters As A Gift

This is my favorite time of year to eat lobster. The cold water makes for hard shells filled with meat and usually lots of tomalley and roe in the head. Back when I worked on the family lobster boat and the local wharves this was a great time for seafood lovers. Not only did every family Christmas party have a nice spread of local fish, but the company holiday parties were loaded with lobster, snow crab, smoked salmon and the like.

Everyone I know loves lobster, even the lobstermen. Which is why the gift of lobster is a great choice for someone special during the holidays. One of my uncles used to bring live lobsters to his friends in Japan, and they treated him like visiting royalty. I don’t go lobstering anymore but I’m lucky enough to just ask my friends. For most of us a much more convenient way to give seafood this winter is to send a gourmet gift of live lobsters. Sure you can order just frozen lobster tails, but that just isn’t the same. In fact, I’ve never eaten one of those frozen tails I’ve seen online and at the market. Not everyone can afford to ship live lobsters, of course, but if you can, you will be rewarded with a much tastier experience.

You know what I would do with a pile of lobsters this time of year? I’d make my decadent lobster pie, which you can make yourself with this recipe.

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