Fresh And Frozen Seafood Guidelines

Here is a nice, short video by the US FDA with advice on how to choose fresh or frozen seafood. I feel like good advice on seafood handling cannot be repeated enough. You can read a dozen lists online stating the same general guidelines, but sometimes it takes a video for it to sink in. Besides, sometimes its nice to see these practices in action. What does “firm flesh” or “clear eyes” mean unless you’ve seen it before? This video also shows a good example of a fresh fish market with lots good looking fish on lots of ice.

Sure, some of this may seem like common sense, but I think it is easy to forget when you are busy cooking or entertaining. Not only is it important to handle seafood correctly before and during cooking but also after. I have a feeling this is where many of us get into the danger zone with seafood. It’s also why I’m very suspicious of seafood at the buffet line. Those king crab legs or shrimp cocktail may look delicious, but how long have they been out? Here’s my advice on that: don’t eat buffet seafood unless you see it coming directly out of the kitchen.


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