Americans Eating More Seafood – But Need To Eat More

A report by the NMFS states that Americans are eating more fish and seafood these days. Our average yearly intake increased by a pound from 2014-2015. Apparently that is the biggest jump in seafood consumption in over 25 years. While this is definitely a good thing, we still are not eating enough seafood according to current dietary guidelines. Americans now eat over 15 pounds of seafood per year, but it is suggested that we up our yearly average to 26 pounds. You can read this specific chapter of the report, or explore the full report here, in all of its exhaustive detail on all facets of US Fisheries for 2015.

It’s really easy to hit this target, all you need is one seafood dinner per week containing 8 or more ounces of fish or shellfish. Picking up a pound or two of fresh salmon or tuna once a week can make for a fun and healthy dinner tradition for your family. Or you can stock your freezer with frozen fillets of your favorite fish and have it ready for whenever the mood strikes. If you have the freezer space, buy large portions of frozen cod, haddock, flounder and other similar fish to have on hand for weeks or a few months. Then on occasion shop your local fish counter or market for fresh wild caught fish to mix things up.


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