Seafood Nutrition

I freely admit it: I do not eat seafood because it is healthy. I eat seafood because it tastes great and I grew up with a lot of fish and shellfish in the kitchen. For me, the health benefits are secondary, but I’m sure to be in the minority with this opinion. Regardless of what I think, the benefits of a healthy diet that includes seafood are obvious. For those looking for easy to understand nutritional information on seafood, check out this chart below from the US FDA. It covers many of the most popular seafood species seen in American fish markets.

Source: US FDA

There is some very good information on this chart. I am interested in why cod and haddock, two closely related species have such a difference in cholesterol. Pollock, another related species is also surprisingly high. What I don’t understand is who decides on the portion size? 3 ounces is a serving? Are they kidding? I eat 3 ounces per bite! So if you are like me and prefer your swordfish steaks or tuna cut thick, take these numbers and multiply.


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